Welcome to Mami Daycare!

Looking for a reliable and high quality daycare for your child? Look no further than Mami Daycare in Valley Village.

The children will be welcomed by an attentive and loving mother and daughter team who will use their childcare experience to make your child feel right at home.

Mami Daycare is equipped with child-safe interiors, new child-friendly equipment and amenities to ensure complete safety, security as well as health and hygiene of children. We also provide kosher hot meals which are freshly prepared on a daily basis as well as breakfast and afternoon snacks.

 Mami Daycare is dedicated in providing an enjoyable and educational environment. The best way for a child to develop more knowledge is to combine learning with playing. Therefore, our Mami Daycare logo is designed with shapes and colors.  Infants are just starting to learn about the world around them. Their development is growing rapidly, and by introducing them to shapes and colors through playing, it captures their attention while helping them, learn at the same time. We are aware that every child develops according to their own needs and abilities. And that is why, we involve shapes and colors in everything we do, from reading a book, dancing, singing, playing or doing arts in craft. Surely your child starts identifying and memorizing these important skills. We also encourage by saying the shapes and colors out loud as we explore in our daily routine.

We also emphasize on Jewish holidays and culture and encourage children to learn and speak Hebrew. 

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